Risk Management Workshop

Risk Management Workshop

When: November 15th 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon

Where: Diocese of Lafayette, Fusilier Auditorium, 1408 Carmel Dr Lafayette, LA 70501


*There is no fee to register/attend this workshop*

Session Descriptions

Active Intruder training for Churches

The unfortunate reality of violent acts committed in our most sacred spaces is disheartening and tragic.  The only way to be prepared is to begin a discussion and develop emergency plans.  Mr. Joey Comeaux, CEO and Founder of Cover Six will be our key note presenter for this topic.  Mr. Comeaux is experienced in law enforcement, emergency logistics response, and active shooter response training.  Thousands of people from both public law enforcement and private businesses (schools and churches included) have received training from Mr. Comeaux and his staff at Cover Six.  Please, do not miss this session!

New Catholic Mutual Training Platform

This session will introduce you to the new Catholic Mutual online training platform.  In addition, information will be provided to attendees to download a free app from Catholic Mutual that places emergency response plans in the palm of your hand.  This topic will be presented by Ryan Fitzgerald, Risk Manager for the Diocese of Lafayette. 

Just the F.A.Q.’s

Ever wanted just a brief summary on common insurance related activities for your church or school?  This session will highlight several key insurance concerns and provide answers.  Mr. Fitzgerald will also present this topic.

Walking….wait, what?

Mr. Damian Simoneaux, Loss Control specialist with LWCC will present the anatomy of a slip and fall.  We all know how dangerous distracted driving can be, but is distracted walking really the same? Mr. Simoneaux will discuss the real cost of not paying attention.  This session will also take a closer look at common hazard areas that play a significant role.  Slip and fall injuries remain the number one (most frequent) type of injury claim across all churches and schools in the Diocese.

*There is no fee to register/attend this workshop*