Food Safety for Parishes and Schools

166pxpotluckDid you know that millions of people fall ill every year and many die as a result of eating unsafe food? According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 diseases are spread through food.

Infections caused by contaminated food have a much higher impact on populations with poor or fragile health status and can easily lead to serious illness and death. For infants, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly, the consequences of foodborne disease are usually more severe and may be fatal.

Food Safety Articles

Please see our articles on the following food safety topics:

Preventing Food-borne Illness

Food Safety for Chursh Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries

For Parish Volunteers

The USDA publishes a guide called, “Cooking for Groups: A Volunteer’s Guide to Food Safety." The goal of this brochure is to help volunteers prepare and serve food safely for large groups such as church socials and community gatherings.  Please download a copy of this booklet in either English or Spanish:

Cooking for Groups - A Guide for Volunteers

Cooking for Groups - A Guide for Volunteers: Spanish Edition