Personal Safety of Ministry Personnel

As Catholics we strive to practice the values of mercy and compassion to those individuals and families in economic crisis. In doing so, we must also be careful not to jeopardize our own personal safety.

Personal Safety Tips:

  • Be cognizant of your surroundings. Know where the exit doors are.
  • When possible have a barrier such as a desk or countertop between you and the individual in need.
  • Practice a team approach whenever possible to avoid being alone. 
  • Do not drive someone by yourself.  Call a cab if necessary.

Be aware the following behavior warning signs.  The following behaviors exhibited by individuals are commonly linked to aggression.  

  • Clenching and unclenching of fists.
  • Excessive nervousness.
  • Rapid pacing.
  • Elevated tone of voice.

Parish Security Tips:

Do not open the church safe in the presence of those you are ministering to.

Look for signs of scoping.Scoping is commonly referred to as “casing the joint." Things that an individual would be looking for while scoping are:

  • Easy access
  • Valuables (petty cash box or safe)
  • Security equipment such as cameras and motion sensors. These items are typically installed near or on the ceiling. Watch for individuals constantly looking up.
  • Unkempt landscaped areas for hiding or entry such as breaking a window while hidden from view.

More security safety tips can be found on the Catholic Mutual Website by typing in the following web address in your browser. Click on the “members only” button from the home page and login using “0132laf” as the UserID and “service” as the password. Under the Risk Management heading, click on “materials” then choose “CARES-Index”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the Security header you will find two resources regarding security issues and recommendations. The two resources are labeled “Business Security” and “Security Recommendations.”

Any questions or concerns regarding this personal safety and security advisory please feel free to contact: Ryan Fitzgerald, Risk Manager.