Risk Management Training Videos

We are pleased to announce that all of our locations now have access to high-quality risk management training videos produced by Catholic Mutual. These videos are made specifically for church audiences and cover topics of interest to parish and school operations. Each video is approximately 15 minutes long and is accompanied by a brief online quiz.

Current topics are:

Fire Safety: This video discusses the four most common causes of church fires and how to prevent them. Images are used to help the viewer learn how to identify buildings that are most at risk for fire hazards.

Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls: For individuals over the age of 65, slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of death. These are the most common injuries on church property, but also the most preventable. The purpose of this video is to help identify and eliminate the causes of slip, trip and fall injuries on church grounds.

Preventative Maintenance: This video focuses on preventing accidents and injuries by protecting church property. The emphasis is on roof maintenance, gutters and drains, tree maintenance, inspection and repair of masonry and wood walls, electrical systems, and walkways, parking lots and steps.

Church Transportation – Is it Necessary and Ministry-Based? Because of the extraordinary cost involved when accidents occur, it is critical that church ministry personnel carefully consider the risk to the parish and diocese before deciding to have employees and volunteers drive on church business. This video is a must-see for anyone working in parish ministries.

Youth Ministry – Everything Matters and Everyone Has a Role: This video describes the steps everyone involved in youth ministry must take to ensure the safety of youth.

Safe and Successful Parish Festivals: Everything you need to know to plan your next parish festival, from obtaining the necessary contracts to ensuring the safety of equipment, is detailed in this video.

To begin accessing these valuable and informative videos, please contact Catholic Mutual directly at 1-800-228-6108 (website: www.catholicmutual.org) or your local Risk Management office at 337-735-9449.