Property Coverage

The largest financial asset for many of our locations is the physical plant. These facilities are critical to carrying out the mission of our Catholic faith.

The property insurance program is provided and  administered by Catholic Mutual. The program protects your location from loss due to a covered peril. Some common examples of a covered peril are: fire, lightning, wind (non-named storm), hail, vandalism, theft of property, sewer backup, and aircraft and vehicle damage.

The Diocese retains the first $250,000 of any loss caused by the perils listed above. The deductible for the covered location is $1,000.

Named Storm

As a diocese along the Gulf Coast we also maintain “Named Storm” insurance. A named storm is a system that has been declared to be a Named Storm by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the National Weather Service.
Flood insurance is also in place through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for locations in the “A” or “V” flood zones. Flood zones “A” and “V” mean the area has experienced flooding within the last 100 years. Deductibles are calculated at 3% of the scheduled building value for buildings within 50 miles of the coast line and 2% of building value for buildings further than 50 miles from the coast line.

Equipment Breakdown/Boiler and Machinery

Equipment Breakdown insurance is also provided for in the diocesan property insurance program. This coverage is provided by Traveler's and administered by Catholic Mutual. Coverage applies to a loss arising out of any sudden and accidental breakdown of any boiler, fired or unfired vessel, refrigeration system, piping and accessory equipment, mechanical or electrical machine or apparatus which generates, controls, transmits, transforms or utilizes mechanical or electrical power.

The deductible for a covered loss is $2,500, which is the responsibility of the covered location.

To make any changes to your property schedule, such as adding or deleting a building, contact:
Kris Westlake, Member Services: Tel: 800-228-6108, ext. 2327

To report a new loss, please contact see our Report a Claim tab.