Special Events

Special Events Coverage allows the Diocese of Lafayette to extend liability coverage to an individual or organization using parish facilities for a non-parish sponsored event. For a cost of $95 per event ($125 for overnight stays), $1,000,000 in liability coverage is extended to a non-parish sponsored facility user (lessee).

When Should Special Events Coverage Be Utilized?

Special Events Coverage can be used when a parish or other church institution is allowing an individual or organization to use its facilities for a non-parish sponsored activity. When determining whether or not an activity is parish sponsored, the following questions are helpful.

Does the parish have full control or final decision-making authority over the function?

  • Do fees associated with the function flow through parish accounts?
  • If applicable, is the function open to all parish members?
  • Is the purpose of the function to facilitate learning, raise funds for the parish or provide a social service on behalf of the parish?
  • Is the organizer or leader of the function a parish employee or volunteer?

Generally, if the answer to any of the above questions is "no," the activity is not parish sponsored; therefore, the facility user needs to provide proof of insurance that includes the Diocese of Lafayette and the parish as additional insureds.

When it is determined that an activity is non-parish sponsored, there are two options:


The Facility Use & Indemnity Agreement can be completed by the organization using parish facilities. This agreement requires $1,000,000 in liability coverage, which must name your parish and the Diocese of Lafayette as additional insureds.


Special Events coverage can be purchased, covering the individual or organization holding the activity, the parish and the Diocese of Lafayette.