Special Events Coverage

What Is Covered by Special Events Coverage?

Below is a brief explanation of what is covered by Special Events Coverage, along with some items that are excluded. Please note that the actual coverage form must be examined for an exhaustive explanation of what is covered and excluded.

Most non-parish sponsored activities are covered by Special Events Coverage. Common examples are wedding receptions, family reunions, awards banquets and fundraisers.

$1,000,000 in liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage is provided for the special event user, parish and diocese. Please note that the $1,000,000 limit is shared by the covered parties and is a “per event” coverage.

Liquor liability coverage is provided.

Some types of events are not covered:

  • Any type of carnival event
  • Fireworks and firework displays
  • Events where admission is charged, unless all proceeds go to charity
  • Amusement rides, including mechanically operated devices, trampolines and rebounding devices
  • Events with attendance of more than 1,000 persons
  • Any event organized or run by a professional promoter
  • Organized sporting events, including camps and tournaments
  • Concerts featuring musical bands playing Rap/Hip-Hop/Alternative music (non-religious bands)
  • Events lake activities
  • Events involving recreational vehicles
  • Political rallies
  • BYOB (bring your own bottle) events
  • Inflatable Amusement Devices (unless pre-approved/flat charge of $250 applies and picture of type of inflatable required)

Please Note

  • Some sporting events may be covered, such as 5k runs/walks, volleyball, basketball and baseball/softball - additional informaton will be required.
  • Swimming may also be approved, but additional information is required.
  • Events featuring bands will be required to clarify the type of band. Rap/hip-hop/alternative (non-religious) bands will not be accepted.